You are one step closer to potentially meeting an amazing woman who could be ‘your’ perfect partner!

My elite Love Design team has reviewed your recommendation and we think we see true potential for genuine chemistry between you and my client. We have a few more questions for you that will allow us to get to know you in more detail before deciding to connect with you in person.

We know it’s extensive; we think it should be. This is an important decision for each of you, and it’s not being treated lightly. We trust that you agree.

So thank you for believing in love, and understanding that love deserves the pursuit.

To real love, right now…

Andrew Hanson
The Love Architects, Inc.

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    • What are 2-3 defining moments in your life?
      (Defining moments are those points in life when you were compelled to make a pivotal decision or when you experienced something that fundamentally changed you.)

    • What has been your biggest emotional challenge in the life you live today?