You are one step closer to potentially meeting an amazing woman who could be ‘your’ perfect partner!

My elite Love Design team has reviewed your recommendation and we think we see true potential for genuine chemistry between you and my client. We have a few more questions for you that will allow us to get to know you in more detail before deciding to connect with you in person.

We know it’s extensive; we think it should be. This is an important decision for each of you, and it’s not being treated lightly. We trust that you agree.

So thank you for believing in love, and understanding that love deserves the pursuit.

To real love, right now…

Andrew Hanson
The Love Architects, Inc.

PS ~ Out of respect for your privacy, your name and any information you provide will not be shared with anyone without your written permission.

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    • Do you need to work to be okay financially?


    • What city and state do you currently reside?

    • What is your home town?

    • Level of education?

    • Are you:

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    • If divorced, how long has it been since your divorce was final?

    • Have you been married more than once? If so, how many times?

    • What have you learned that you absolutely want and need in a woman?

    • What have you learned that you absolutely don’t want in a woman?

    • Do you have any children? If so, how many and what ages?

    • Do you have any children or grandchildren currently residing with you?

    • What inspires you most in life?

    • Who is your greatest hero and why?

    • Where do you stand politically?

    • What kind of music do you most enjoy?

    • Do you like to dance?


    • Do you like to cook? If so, what is your “best” dish?

    • Do you drink or use recreational drugs?

    • Would you consider yourself more spiritual, religious, or neither?

    • Would you say that you have many acquaintances and a few close friends or many close friends?

    • What would we find you doing on a typical Sunday?

    • On average, how many days each year do you travel for fun?

    • What is your favorite city traveled to and why?

    • When flying overseas, do you travel coach or first class?

    • Name a movie that really touched your heart.

    • Name a movie that made you laugh out loud.

    • Does the thought of your partner having more money than you bother you?


    • If yes, why?

    • If no, why?