Authentic, Thoughtful, Handsome, Fortunate Gentleman Seeks Elegant, Vivacious, Evolved Woman with a Smile in Her Heart and a Symphony in Her Soul

Kailen Rosenberg, author of REAL LOVE, RIGHT NOW (Simon and Schuster), elite matchmaker, and Love Architect featured with Oprah Winfrey, the Today Show, Good Morning America, Huffington Post, and more, is passionately scouring the world in search of one exceptional woman to meet one remarkable man in South Florida.

Who is this extraordinary man?

He’s a tall, fit, kind, energetic, dynamic, and timeless 74-year-old Jewish slice of heaven. He’s an Ivy League alum, respected semi-retired physician, and soulful entrepreneur who leads a spontaneous and exciting life surrounded by wonderful friends, colleagues, and family. He relishes real connections with those around him and looks forward to joining forces with this unique woman to share joy and make a difference in this world.

Who is the special lady he seeks?

She is an elegant, beautiful, youthful, fit (60-70 years of age), worldly, spirited, loving, Jewish (and/or spiritual) woman with a splendid sense of self, a giggle in her heart, and a passion in her soul. She is evolved, and she humbly knows her beauty and worth. Her intelligence, wit, integrity, and charm complement her genuine, optimistic way of being. She is Neshama and Joy wrapped in un gran abrazo!

She is accustomed to living a life of abundance both spiritually and financially with the wherewithal to explore this magical world herself or by his side where each can dote on the other as they hold each other high. She has experienced Real Love and wants one more chance to live Life to the Max! She radiates joie de vivre. Like him, this special woman is grateful for the life of good fortune that she lives, and she touches the hearts of others to make this earth a better place.

Are YOU this extraordinary woman, or do you know someone who is?

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    This search will benefit two wonderful humans who “refuse to settle” and are dedicated to the next three decades to further embody a “meaningful life.”