WANTED: A Good Man
(for an extraordinary woman!)

WANTED: A Good Man

(for an extraordinary woman!)

Kailen Rosenberg, elite matchmaker and author of Real Love, Right Now, featured with Oprah, on the Today show, Good Morning America, and press around the world, is scouring Minnesota in search of one extraordinary man for an absolutely extraordinary woman.

Who is this very special woman?

Our client is naturally pretty and intelligent, with a soft and sophisticated down to earth elegance. She is in great shape and is just as comfortable in a great pair of blue jeans and a cozy white t-shirt as she is in a little black dress and great heels. She loves the outdoors, world travel, boating, and hiking, and she loves to cook and entertain for her wonderful friends and family. She is the classic ‘girl next door’ who is both kind and strong – with a beautiful and soft heart. She can be spicy and is not afraid to tell you what she thinks but knows how to do so with grace.

She leads a rich and wonderful life but knows life would be even more fun and complete with a wonderful man by her side!

Who is this special man she seeks?

She is looking for a kind and confident gentleman who’s comfortable in both blue jeans and a tux. He’s an old soul, who enjoys both the countryside and the city. He has small town values with a global perspective and has experienced great success in his life, in love, family, and financially, just as she has. If he’s up for a National Geographic themed trip, that’s even better! He is fun and intelligent with a natural gift of repartee – a deep thinker that doesn’t take himself too seriously.

65-76 years of age, he has a genuine zest for life and is very passionate about his family and friends. And like her, this special man is financially secure and uses his financial success to lift others and the community around him, just as she does.

Are you this extraordinary man or do you know someone who is?

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